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Like humans, animals can truly benefit from Reiki in many ways. Reiki provides an increased state of relaxation and calm, and in some, can improve behavioral issues. 

In human Reiki, we are more structured in ritual and movement and look for hands on or hands off, slightly hovering over the body.  The practitioner leads the treatment.

In animal Reiki, it is from heart to heart. The   

animal leads the way. They may not like touch - they

may walk away. Healing for animals is done with meditation and distance healing. We have to let animals lead the session. They are very intuitive and we need to listen and recognize the difference between them and humans. 


Animals connect from a deeper place. We can remain still and the animal will guide our movements from a distance. We must remain open and not come on too strong toward the animal. Animals resonate at a higher vibration than humans.

Reiki for Horses

Awakened by Reiki is certified to do Reiki on all animals. Animals have a higher vibration than humans and here you will see three horses responding to the benefit of Reiki.